Pabasari & Hasaruwan

We Are Getting Married on September 04, 2023


Pabasari Paranamana


Hasaruwan Galhenage

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We Are Getting Married!

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Friend of Hasaruwan


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Our Story

Our Sweet love story

First Time We Met

In our childhood, we both went to the same art class together and even though we didn't talk much at that era, we knew each other. After many years, I got a follow request from Hasaruwan via Instagram. At first sight, I recognized a face that much familiar to me. At that same time, one of our close friend mentioned that Hasaruwan is asking about me. After a while, we started our friendship and soon build a romantic relationship and found each other's souls. That's how our sweet love story begins.

She Said Yes

20 Apr 2023

This day is one of the memorable days in our sweet love story. One day we went to a casual dinner. Suddenly a bunch of my friends and sister appeared in front of me making a huge surprise. When I turned around he was on his knees asking to marry me. I never think twice and said YES!

Our Engagement

24 Apr 2023

Soon we both became one soul. On this day we took another step in our lives and make the bond legal with our parent's blessings. And put rings on each other's fingers to start the bond between Husband and Wife.

Our Wedding

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